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Sentio – from the Latin ‘I feel’ or ‘I sense’ – brings together interdisciplinary explorations of the nature of research and knowledge generation. Launched in 2018 by doctoral researchers from the South-East Network for the Social Sciences Doctoral Training Partnership, and published annually online, Sentio provides a forum for the cross-pollination of ideas in social science scholarship. Sentio offers a supportive and respectful environment for emergent ideas and provides opportunities for collaboration amongst doctoral researchers and early-career scholars.

Departing from the traditional repertoire of established journals, Sentio is comprised of three sections: Articles, Features, and Reflections. 

Articles attend to philosophical or theoretical discussion, emergent findings of empirical research, early-stage ideas or doctoral thesis chapters.

Features offer a diverse space of commentaries, reviews, and interviews, tapping into less formally structured forms of intellectual curiosity and conversation.

Reflections deliver deliberately brief moments of lived experience across all stages of research and aspects of life and work as a researcher. These accounts are affective and often poignant insights, nuancing and complementing the rigidity of established academic practice.

If you are interested in making a submission, please see our current call for papers. If you are interested in making a submission and have some further questions, please do email submissions@sentiojournal.uk.

Editorial board: Chloe Anthony, University of Sussex; Ella Delaine, University of Sussex; George Evangelou, Goldsmiths; Paul Fenton-Villar, UEA; Anna Hutchings, University of Sussex; Josie Jolley, University of Sussex; Amy Lynch, University of Sussex; and Alice Reynolds, Royal Holloway.